A Handbook to Australian Seashells

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In Englischer Sprache !!! Paperback. Author : Barry Wilson Published by: New Holland Publishers, NSW

185 pages. 15cm x 21cm. First published in 2002. Re-printed 2021.

Have you ever strolled along a seashore picking up shells and wondered what they were? This Guide will help you identify most of the shells you find on the Australian Coast. It includes over 375 species of the ost common seashells found along Australian seashores. Each one is illustrated with a beautiful colour photograph showing its colours, patterns, shape and sculpture. Some seashells contain animals which are dangerous and should be left alone. These are indicated.

Barry Wilson is a marine scientist who specialises in molluscs and is presently Chairmanof the Western Australian Marine Parks & Reserves Authority and Scientific Director of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, a Perth-based conservation organisation.

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