The A-Z of Australian Facts, Myths & Legends

The A-Z of Australian Facts, Myths & Legends

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Soft-cover. 15,5 x 20 cm. 288 pages. Text in ENGLISCHER SPRACHE !!!!

Author: Bruce Elder . Published by: NewHolland Publishers (Australia)

This book details more than 800 anecdotes, facts and traditions that are part of Australia's diverse cutlure and

vibrant history. Concise and entertaining, you'll find everything you need to know about this nation's remarkable

past and present, from the Dreamtime and the arrival of the First Fleet to the death of Harold Holt, the Whitlam dismissal and the legend of Cathy Freeman. The essential reference for every Australian home, this book is a celebration of the uniqueness of Australian life and culture. Dip in anywhere and you'll discover a little more about our Great South Land - it's people, it's customs, it's idiosyncrasies and, most importantly, those elements of daily life that make Australia special and different.


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