Kakadu National Park - Steve Parish Natural History Guide

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Soft-cover. 17 x 25 cm. IN ENGLISCHER SPRACHE!!!! 224 pages. Author : Ian Morris. Published by Steve Parish PUblications Pty Ltd.

This unusual and beautiful book :

- eloquently and comprehensively describes, with words and pictures, thenatural world of Kakadu and the TopEnd.

- shows the very close attachment of the Aboriginal raditional owners to their land

- uniquely explains the Aboriginal view of the ecology that was sharedwith the author after years of contact

- shows the effectof seasonal changeson the landscape, plants and wildlife

- provides over 450 images of Kakadu's fascinating wildlife and it's diverse landscape

- devotes an entire chapter, based on the author's years of experience, on the best placesto visit to develop anunderstanding of Kakadu

- gives thevisitor the clearest guidance for the best times to visit Kakadu


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